Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Friday

When I went to pick up Eliza and Isaac from school on Friday my usual parking space was taken. I will usually wait till they leave but I was late and decided to park in the second lot that is farther away.

I go to Eliza's class and pick her up then Isaac's and get him and another little boy that I take home. As we are standing outside the door I have the two older boys hold hands with the younger ones. Isaac's teacher looks at me and compliments me on how well I handle "all these little kids". And yes, inside I'm thinking the same thing, "I am doing such a great job" & "I am a such a good mom". Smith must have heard my thoughts.

We got all the way down to the end of the first parking lot and then it happened. Smith takes off to the fields behind the school to chase after some birds. I decide not to run after him I figure the other kids will follow and we'll never get out of there. So I just let him run and try and talk him back. Pointless and stupid.

After a while the kids all start straying and now I am threatening everyone to stay put. For a moment I just stood there not knowing what to do. Finally I decide to do the "Bye I'm leaving" trick while Isaac is yelling at me telling me that I'm not a good mom if I leave him. I tell him I am just pretending and he tells me I'm lying.

It worked. Smith followed and we got to the car. All I did was take out my keys from my purse and look up to find Smith running towards the street. He's standing right on the edge of the sidewalk and I know if I chase after him he will run into the street. So I tell him to look at the plane and while he looks up I sprint towards him.

I didn't realize that while I was going after Smith Eliza had followed me. A teacher saw Eliza in the middle of the parking lot and ran over to get her. I come back with a screaming Smith and see Eliza crying and the teacher wide eyed and full of disapproval.

I tell her thank you and then start to get everyone in the car. Eliza and Smith are doing a screaming/crying combo, Isaac is very upset on the verge of tears at all the chaos and his friend looks fearful. The teacher just stood there for a moment and then walked back to her car and sat there staring at me until I drove away. I wanted to cry but forced a smile for her instead.

I've always thought so negatively about people with kids on leashes but after a day like that they are looking pretty good!

I just don't know that I could really do it though. I'll be honest when I think of kids on leashes I tend to picture this instead.

Enough said. Definitely some good times for the Sorensen family. I just wish I didn't have to see that teacher ever again!


Nicole said...

Oh wow. I full heartedly believe in kid leashes. Luke loves his "monkey backpack". ;) Good luck Mish!!

Nicole said...

Oh and I love the plane distraction! I will definitely be using that one! ;) Love ya!

Willyerd Family said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I've been there! Lots of times! Just remember that you are a good mom! Who cares what others think. The teacher obviously didn't see the whole thing happen. If she did she would have helped instead of stare you down. You're the best! What you did to distract Smith was genius!

The Wolfgramm's said...

The things mom go it. Would love to catch up if you guys come into town. Hope all is well.

Sorensen said...

Meesh you are the best mom EVER!!! People who judge are just mean. Look at how well you handled a very difficult situation. Lots of other moms would be loosing it. GREAT JOB!!!

The Oakey's said...

I have to say I have always been against the idea of a leash but I am terrified to have another one with Ryan. He will be just like your Smith. I can see myself yelling "No" to him and he will turn around look at me yell "No" back and keep running! I feel for ya!
Hope everything else is going good! If it helps...your kids are adorable!

becki said...

I saw that you had left a comment on my Whippy Cake giveaway and wanted to thank you for being so sweet! It is very inspiring to hear that my work is appreciated and admired. Good luck to you!

Elise said...

You are a great mom! What a crazy day! You took it like a champ! good job mom!

Robbins said...

I can relate but I only have one, so what is my excuse? I can definitely see myself sporting the leash when I have 2 or more. Poor kids.

You are awesome! When are you coming to Utah?

Joel the Mole said...

That was awesome!! What a dumb teacher. She of all people should know how hard it can be sometimes. Tell Sam to call me.

Sokimna said...

LOL...Oh, my gosh. I'm sorry I laughed the entire time I read it! Something that would happen to me! I would be sweating bullets!