Sunday, October 25, 2009


I'm begining to really love {HaLLowEeN}. It is so fun to see how excited the kids get. But I guess who wouldn't be excited about dressing up AND getting free candy! This was our first year painting/carving pumpkins, the kids had so much fun!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Update {finally}

Isaac missed the cut off date for kindergarten by 2 days. We decided to put him in preschool. He LOves it! Especially his recent association with a girl named Riahna. So he comes home from school one day and says to Sam, "Dad you're not gonna be happy." Sam asked what happened and this is what he told us. "I got kissed by a girl. Her name is Riahna." As he is saying this he is trying to hide his ear to ear grin. We told him that he shouldn't let girls kiss him. Then Isaac replies with, "well... she can if she wants." Sam then asked him if he liked it. Isaaac says, "well... yeah!" Seriously, I did not think we would be having this conversation at age FOUR!

Eliza has been doing really well with preschool and therapy. She took her first steps last Nov. and since then has started to really walk. She can't go for long periods but she's doing great.

Went out back to take some pictures, Isaac didn't want to come and Smith was done quick, so here are LOTS of pictures of Eliza!

Smith will be 2 Nov. 4th. He is growing so fast and can definitely hold his own in this family. He's a fiesty one!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The best recipe ever!

Here's a quick update on what's been going on here. First off Sam is never home for dinner so dinner time is not my favorite time. Tonight was great though except for a few minor exceptions (which I'll get to later). For starters my kids ate everything for dinner, without complaining! Isaac even told me that it was the, "best ever!" and Smith even clapped his hands together giggling. What did I make you ask......

It's kind of complicated but here's the recipe:
3 containers of yogurt
1 slice of toast cut into perfect squares
1 bag of perfectly popped popcorn
1 child size handful of almonds (for each child)
3 cups of chocolate milk
1 orange cut into the cutest most perfect wedges possible

Of course you will have to adjust the portions accordingly. Oh and save the oranges for the very end, that's when our "magic moment" of clapping and compliments occurred! (Don't worry I did not give Smith any almonds) :)

Shortly after our glowing moment ended. I was in the kitchen cleaning when I turn of the water and hear the pitter patter of milk hitting our rug. I turn to see Smith with his sippy cup turned upside down. I run over to him and he starts shaking the cup faster and then throws it across the room and starts splashing in the milk throwing his head back and giggling. That same giggle I thought was so cute just 10 min ago. I clean Smith up and then get on my hands and knees and start cleaning the milk under the table only to lift my head up and see Eliza, milk everywhere. So then I strip her down and begin cleaning her. Only to turn around and see Smith standing on the table emptying the contents of what was left in Eliza's cup.
Yes there are sooooooo many ways in which these situations could of been avoided. One big one is spill proof sippy cups.....which I own! :) I also could of put all the cups away immediately.........I could go on!

These are the culprits at hand captured in better moments.

Friday, February 6, 2009


So lately whenever I ask Isaac why he did something(bad) he tells me, "it's just my evil brain mom." It's funny for now but after a while the cuteness of it all will definitely be wearing off!

So here are pics of Isaac's birthday(finally). I can't believe how fast he's grown! He really is such a sweet boy! He is such a great helper too! :) Well, for his fourth birthday he wanted a transformer birthday party. We ended up having 9 little boys running around! Crazy I know! He told me that he had to have a Bumbleebee Transformer cake(I asked). I really love to decorate cakes, so I was up for the challenge. Yes it was a little hard cutting into it & seeing it devoured, but oh well!