Sunday, October 25, 2009


I'm begining to really love {HaLLowEeN}. It is so fun to see how excited the kids get. But I guess who wouldn't be excited about dressing up AND getting free candy! This was our first year painting/carving pumpkins, the kids had so much fun!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Update {finally}

Isaac missed the cut off date for kindergarten by 2 days. We decided to put him in preschool. He LOves it! Especially his recent association with a girl named Riahna. So he comes home from school one day and says to Sam, "Dad you're not gonna be happy." Sam asked what happened and this is what he told us. "I got kissed by a girl. Her name is Riahna." As he is saying this he is trying to hide his ear to ear grin. We told him that he shouldn't let girls kiss him. Then Isaac replies with, "well... she can if she wants." Sam then asked him if he liked it. Isaaac says, "well... yeah!" Seriously, I did not think we would be having this conversation at age FOUR!

Eliza has been doing really well with preschool and therapy. She took her first steps last Nov. and since then has started to really walk. She can't go for long periods but she's doing great.

Went out back to take some pictures, Isaac didn't want to come and Smith was done quick, so here are LOTS of pictures of Eliza!

Smith will be 2 Nov. 4th. He is growing so fast and can definitely hold his own in this family. He's a fiesty one!