Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yearly Update

Yes, I know we are terrible at blogging and keeping up to date. I thought that there would be time to post updates in the summer, but there never seemed to be enough time. Now Isaac, Eliza, and Smith are in school and things have just gotten busier. Claire is growing so fast and has been a blessing for our family. All of the kids love her sooo much! They always want to hold her and play with her. Hope you enjoy some pictures of our summer!!!

Eliza and Sam on the ferris wheel at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

Eliza and Smith on the whale ride at the Boardwalk.

Family outing to the San Jose Giants baseball game.

Fishing in Manti, UT.

The Fourth of July in Idaho.

Eliza at her dance class!!

Hopefully I can update our blog with some additional pictures of everything else that is going on.