Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I thought I'd share this exchange I had with Smith today.

Smith: Mom, you don't look like a mom

Me: What do I look like

Smith: An oooold lady

Yep, that's my Smith. This happened right after I told him to get off the computer. Even though he said it in such a sweet voice I know he meant it as a jab. Especially since he walked away looking a little smug. I couldn't help but laugh. Love that he's only 4 and not 14. He really is such a sweet little boy. I will be so sad when he is not my "little" boy anymore.


Sorensen said...

He is matering the art of passive aggressive! How funny!

Willyerd Family said...

Great updated pictures! You have such a Cute family!

Kris and Libby Brown said...

So funny! What a handsome little boy he is and what a beautiful "old lady" mom he has!